About Us

As a kid growing up, I never had the chance to play hockey and never really understood the purpose for all the protective equipment. Later on, all and my four kids got involved in hockey and I began to realize what is really involved in having protective equipment.

For me, having protection and padding that exists for head, chest, legs etc, wasn’t enough. I began to realize that the only “protective” piece that the neck had was a piece of cloth that was cut resistant. How would this really be effective in protecting my kids?  This is when I wanted to see change in the level of protection available. Yet I was not exactly sure what I could do.

While watching TV with my kids I saw an amazing product on the Discovery Channel. It involved a product that was gooey, orange and somehow was capable of protect someone from a blow from a hammer. I was astonished on how the subject’s finger didn’t break or even felt sore after impact. To me this was the product we need and what I had been looking for. I got into contact with the company D3O.  Their revolutionary materials consist of an impact module that is capable of absorbing and dissipating acute/blunt force across a surface of the polymer, rather than transferring through to the wearer.

It took me some time to convince D3O that I have a plan, but in 2011 a tragic incident killing a young player in Alberta with a shot to the neck set the wheels in motion to develop what is the worlds first and only impact and slash neck guard. So together with D3O I have been able to create a product that I am proud of. Not only does it keep my kids safe but it is versatile for use in many sports.

All the products are developed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with our team. Through impact testing and approvals, we’ve raised the bar and set a new standard for neck and wrist protection. Partnered with D3O, the industry leaders in delivering impact protection solutions, we incorporate leading edge shock absorption technologies with light-weight, flexible materials.

We’ve gone through version after version to find the right fit, the right fabrics and the right thickness to blend together our 3 core elements. Comfort, performance and protection. The AEGIS impact protection system is here to change the sports equipment world.