AEGIS Impact Protection was developed by Joe Camillo, a devoted hockey dad who wanted better protection for his kids.

Here is Joe's story:

As a kid growing up, I never had the chance to play hockey and never truly understood the purpose or science behind all the layers of protective equipment. It just so happened that all four of my children got involved in hockey and I soon realized what is involved in protective equipment and how important it is.

It soon came to my attention that out of all the protective hockey equipment on the market the only “protective” neckpieces were made of thin foam. How would this be effective in protecting my kids?  This is when I wanted to see a change in the level of protection available.

While watching TV with my kids I saw an amazing product on the Discovery Channel. It involved a material that was gooey, orange and somehow capable of protecting someone from a blow from a hammer. I was astonished at how effective the product was at keeping the subject’s finger from breaking or feeling any serious impact. To me, this was the product we needed.

I contacted D3O®, the inventors of this amazing product. Their revolutionary materials consist of an impact module that is capable of absorbing and dissipating acute/blunt force across a surface of the polymer, rather than transferring through to the subject.

It took some time but after a young player in Alberta tragically passed away due to a puck to the neck we were able to set the wheels in motion. Leading to the development of what is the world’s first and only impact and slash-resistant neck guard. Together with D3O®, we have been able to create a product that I am proud of. Not only does it keep my kids safe but it is versatile for use in many sports.

All the AEGIS products are developed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, by our devoted team of designers. We work with real athletes to conduct thorough impact testing and approvals. We have raised the bar and set a new standard for neck and wrist protection.

We’ve gone through version after version to find the perfect fit, the best fabrics and the right thickness to achieve our 3 core focuses – Comfort, Performance, Protection.

The AEGIS impact protection system is here to change the sports equipment world.